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I am honored to receive support from leaders across our State who are ready to work with me as Mayor of College Park. 

Rob Day Former Councilmember-City of College Park

Monroe Dennis Former Councilmember-City of College Park

Maxine Gross Former Councilmember-City of College Park

Kate Stewart Councilmember-Montgomery County

Jonathan Medlock Councilmember-Prince George's County April R. Jackson Council Vice President-City of Salisbury

Muir Boda Council President-City of Salisbury

Michael O'Connor Mayor-City of Frederick

Briana Urbina Councilmember-City of New Carrollton

Keith Sydnor Councilmember-City of Laurel

Shireka McCarthy Council President-City of Seat Pleasant Phelicia Nembhard Mayor-City of New Carrollton

Wanda Wheatley Mayor-Town of Cottage City

Celina Benitez Mayor-City of Mount Rainier

Malinda Miles Former Mayor-City of Mount Rainier

Victoria Stanley-Jackson Former Mayor-City of Cambrdige

Jeffrey Slavin Mayor-Town of Somerset

Ben Cann Mayor-Town of Morningside

Allison Pickard Coucilmember-Anne Arundel County

Gregg Dodson Councilmember-Town of North Beach

Rocio Tremino-Lopez Mayor-Town of Brentwood

Dr. Noah E. Peters Mayor-Town of Eagle Harbor

Trina Brown Councilmember-Town of Bladensburg

Jocelyln Route Mayor Pro Tem-Town of Bladensburg

Takisha James Mayor-Town of Bladensburg

Cynthia Miller Mayor-City of District Heights

Tracy Gant Mayor-Town of Edmonston

Kacye Munyeneh Mayor-Town of Cheverly

Marvely Nettles-Simpson Councilmember-Town of Cheverly Amy Frye Mayor Pro Tem-Town of Cheverly

Ricardo Gordon Councilmember-City of Greenbelt

Lajan Cephas Council President-City of Cambridge

Sputty Cephas Vice Council President-City of Cambridge

Todd Nock Mayor-Elect-Town of Pocomoke

Dr. Isaac Trouth Former Council Member-City of Bowie

Henri Gardner Councilmember-City of Bowie

Judith 'J' Davis Former Mayor-City of Greenbelt and Former Maryland Municipal League President

Michael Sesma Former Councilmember-City of Gaithersburg

Gail Abramson Kushner Wife of Former Mayor Alvin Kushner-City of College Park

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