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A Letter From Neighbor Detective Sergeant Louis G.Holland

Dear residents, I am writing this letter to acknowledge and offer support for Denise Mitchell for Mayor. She is most qualified for Mayor.

First, let me introduce myself. I am Mr. Louis G Holland. I am a retired Police Officer/Detective with 25 years of Service. For that, I believe that I am good at identifying character in a person. I am also a Vietnam Combat Veteran with a Purple Heart. I suffer from lung damage due to being shot and Agent Orange. I am 100% handicapped and only been out of my bedroom four times since 2019. I receive in house care from the VA Hospital three to four times a week. When it became time and necessary for a handicapped sticker that benefit my disability, Denise was the one we called to get a handicapped sign placed in front of my residence. She did the same for my across the street neighbor, Col. Bellamy after he became disabled from his Vietnam Combat employment.

I also worked at the National Archives, College Park Maryland Branch 13 years as an assistant Archivist with Historical Documents, especially War and Government Documents. I worked with books or TV documentary. During my broad employment spectrum, I feel qualified in addressing character. Denise is someone who will listen to the concern of all College Park residents, not only listen, she will act to adjudicate the problems.

When we saw a need to address a vehicle speeding problem on our streets, Denise addressed our concerns and was very instrumental in having speed bumps placed in strategic areas to slow traffic.

When we did our fundraiser at the College Park Swimming Pool, we knew that we could count on Denise.

When it became the time of year to address potential insect problems, we knew that we could count on Denise.

She is very knowledgeable in the areas of preserving all of College Park. She is someone who walked door to door addressing our concerns. She is someone who will not bow to big businesses, if its not for the betterment of all of College Park.

I could go on and on of the things that Denise continues to do to make and preserve College Park. She knows what it takes to be a Mayor.

I believed that she will continue to provide the continued services we need for our community. From a law enforcement standpoint, Denise is the person we need to continue addressing all of the needs of the College Park community.

Please vote for Denise Mitchell She has already worked extremely hard for us and will continue with same energy as Mayor. We need someone who can address the concerns of all of College Park residents.

Please cast your vote for Ms. Denise Mitchell as MAYOR OF COLLEGE PARK, MD. THANKS.

Detective Sergeant Louis G.Holland,

Marlborough Way, College Park

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