Re-election Announcement

College Park, MD—College Park education consultant and forty-five-year resident of College Park formally announces re-election to the City of College Park City Council for District 4 during the November 2021 election.

The residents of District 4 deserve a candidate with experience, leadership, dedication, experience, and transparency, which is why Ms. Mitchell seeks re-election. With the understanding of the past year, Ms. Mitchell will continue to work alongside the Mayor, her colleagues, and our residents to ensure that services in our city are not interrupted. With a forward-thinking mindset, we will bring new means to support our city, such as grants for homeowners and business to keep them viable and successful. It will take a committed leader who understands the current setting to provide a progressive vision that aligns with the current strategic plan to move our city out of the hard times of COVID-19 while moving towards a true direction of an inclusive, diverse and collaborative city.

The residents of District 4 and all residents in our city deserve to have affordable housing, a thriving partnership with the University that allows for employment opportunities, education advancement and a promise that their tax-dollars will be spent wisely.

Ms. Mitchell looks forward to the opportunity to serve another term on the City of College Park City Council and asks for your humble support to achieve this in November.

Authorized by the Candidate, Denise C. Mitchell and Jesse Kingsberry, Treasurer

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