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My Priorities

College Park should be a "A Smart Place to Live"  a place that all people can call home.

Economic Development

Developers that come into College Park need to prioritize hiring local workers and work with unions and trade associations to improve workforce development, skills training, and our local economy. We are not a dumping ground for dead-end jobs. I will support legislation that provides access and opportunity for all future development in College Park to work with the Department of Employment Services to offer hiring priority to College Park residents: with a minimal 5% requirement of the total workforce. I will also work to provide support for small business incubators and minority-owned businesses.

Outdoor Summer Party


I will advocate for good school building design through the new P3 partnership and work with the PGCPS School Improvement Office to submit alternative transportation design for access to these two schools. With new school construction for Cherokee and Buck Lodge Elementary plus accessible transportation options, we can ensure that our youngest students have 21st century learning environments for years to come.

Affordable Housing

I will advocate for affordable housing and opportunities to look at existing house stock. I will work to ensure that College Park seniors and veterans have the support they need to thrive and live with dignity by creating and supporting a resolution to provide a tax credit for owner occupied residents or military veterans who had resided in their dwellings for 40 plus years. I will also work with the County and the Prince George’s County Property Owners and Realtors Association to see how to strengthen code enforcement, increase fines for Property  owners who violate code, and require remediation programs for frequent violators. Code violators lower property values and lower the character of our neighborhoods.

Building a House
Mother and Child


Our community, families and local businesses are still struggling to navigate how to rebuild amidst a global pandemic. I will work to establish a Task Force to look at how as a city we need to to adopt safety protocols as we continue through the coronavirus pandemic and post-pandemic.

I Want To Hear From You.

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